Specific conditions for host - Code of Conduct Slovak Discovery

These special rules specifying the principles for the use of serviceswww.slovakdiscovery.eu website (the "Website") guests. Read the conditions of use of the websitewhich can be found heretu.

The owner and operator of the website is the company CaravanTips, p. ra., ID: 46864458, based Hálkova 3, 010 01 Žilina, Slovak Republic, registered in businessregMunicipal Court in Prague, Section. Ltd., vl. no. 57615 / L (hereinafter referred to as "Slovak Discoveryprogramor "us" or "we").

Gaining membership in Slovak Discovery acknowledge that you are familiar with the rulesand conditions of use of the website, you accept them and agree to follow them. We reserve the right to amend the rules or change the current wording always be posted on the website.

Guests shall mean the person who paid the fee, becoming a member of the Slovak Discoveryand may benefit from membership, especially free parking your motorhome at a discount hostthat the host provides.

The host is a person who is registered on the website as the hostthat is person who providesfree parking spaces for motorhomes on his land.

Registration in Slovak Discovery program

Filling in the registration form host acquires the ability to add to this web page your objects or present your services.

Registration of host in Slovak Discovery program is free and is open-ended.

Host agrees that the information filled in the registration form for the hosts in Slovak Discovery program, were released, and were thus available to the general public owners of motorhomes.

The registration can be canceled by written request for termination of registration delivered to us by mail no later than 15 November of - the year. Cancellation of registration is effective on the day 1.1 following calendar year.

We can also cancel your membership for any reason, without his giving, by written or email notice you received not later than 15 November of - the year. Cancellation of registration is effective on the day 1.1 following calendar year.

For information you provide in the registration form, as well as any other information you post on the website, you are solely responsible. It is sovereign matter of the guest and you as host, which conditions will be arranged. Slovak Discovery Program is not responsible for any damages that may arise from any contractual arrangements between you and your host, or breach of contractual or legal obligations guests or hosts.

Commitments host - Code of Conduct

In the interest of mutual satisfaction with the use of program benefits Slovak Discovery - like you, as well as guests - we ask that you follow the following rules in particular:

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