Slovakia, a small country of great experiences

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Why catalogue SK Discovery?

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    Take advantage of free parking spaces, constantly updated, and available in a version for mobile phones. Plan your adventure circuit, discover UNESCO natural heritage and the unique background of the farmer, grower or a mountain chalet. Discover the regions that are so close and still unknown. For example, aragonite cave and thermal baths. Andy Warhol Museum and wooden churches and romantic evening at the sheepfold.

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    Test the recipe for health and longevity - Slovak sheep cheese - soft kneading and salted sheep cheese made ​​from sheep's cheese lump (Brimsen, Liptauer cheese), contains a large amount of lactic acid bacteria that keep in good condition intestinal microflora. It has a high content of calcium, protects against cancers and osteoporosis. It is effective against civilization diseases, atopic eczema, allergic rhinitis, asthma, diabetes, multiple sclerosis - WARNING in shops buy only pasteurized version.

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    Royal degustate TOKAY, wine of kings ever! The first written record of Tokaj is from 1560. It was during this period in Latin - Hungarian dictionary, Fabricius Balázs appears cibeba name. These shriveled grapes that are in good grades in trusses Tokaj varieties, infected by noble mold Botrytis cinerea Persoon.

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    Promote sustainable development and connectedness with nature - strive for the development of tourism within the capacity of the ecosystem, while maintaining the natural values ​​and biodiversity for current and future generations. We seek to explore the unknown and yet so close to the regions.

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    Buy always fresh - Direct sale of farm - we believe that the sale of foods of farm and consumer direct contact with producers - farmers, is essential for sustainable agriculture. Only regional products can be full of flavor and provide full connectedness with tradition and best practice.

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    Enjoy organic food and farming with rural taste - the dramatic growth of the company, increasing human impact on the environment builds a civilization before major decisions, what next? We appreciate the work of organic farmers and we want him to support his work.

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UNESCO, castles, caves, museums, hiking, wellness, spa, mountains, medieval towns ....

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How does the catalogue work?

  1. 1. Register

    Register and get access to a database of free parking at the host, which is constantly updated and available in a version for mobile phones.

  2. 2. plan

    According to your own taste and moods, plan your stops in the host, create your own itinerary in advance or let lead of the destiny.

  3. 3. park

    Free park, meet the host and ask for the offer. Take a trip around to discover the region.

  4. 4. taste

    Taste specialties, degustate, relax and fully enjoy your hospitality.

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Current prices find a Czech Republic and Slovakia

The use of motorways and expressways are paid. If we use them, we need to purchase the appropriate vignette, which is on sale at border crossings, post offices and petrol stations. For vehicles up to 3.5 tons stamps are available with one week, month and year benchmark. In Slovakia, these vignettes are valid from 1 First 2012 for vehicles of category M1 as. motor vehicles regardless of weight.

In the Czech Republic, regardless of the category of a toll per vehicle over 3.5 t. More on

One reason is that it does not provide accommodation and is equipped similarly to the campsite. Mainly, however, your host is especially proud producer of regional specialties offered to the public. The more the visitors, the better to spread awareness of his work and the idea of sustainable food production.

One reason is that the host know that you are a guest and a member of the Discovery Program. To know who is moving on its land. And of course, when you come to visit a friend, will welcome a simple hello or good morning when they arrive and goodbye when you leave. On this occasion, you can find out the things that interest you.

Please place your Czech & Slovak Discovery member card behind the front screen of your vehicle, just to know, that you are a member.

The most unlikely places. Currently about one third of our hosts may partially satisfy your need fresh water or emptying waste tanks. It is necessary to inform the place. Remember, your hosts are not camping sites, but in many cases they work on farms.

Again, the hosts are not campsites and camping, do not have a reception during the day and can not handle incoming calls from guests. Although wishing to invite guests and show off their production, but they have to work unhindered as usual all day. Some hosts require the arrival of SMS info in advance, which is clearly stated in the catalog for each host.

Some hosts in the catalog provides SMS info before arrival, it does not mean that it is obliged to answer if it's not working occupancy. In most cases, however, you will not know if there is a space before the host visited. But it is highly unlikely that the host will not be able to find a place for you. Also, please note the if the host will not be able to entertain a short time, it could be the work or for health reasons, which is unpredictable on farms.

Currently, most hosts also receives guests with dogs. Some, who do not allow this, it listed in the catalog. We recommend, however, in any case, a dog living outside the vehicle to hold the leash while you host explicitly does not allow free movement of your dog on the property. Please also limit the movement of dogs in the host structures (such as food production, kitchen etc.).

The best is to assume that they have no toilets for the guests. GASTRO and RELAX host has toilets available during the opening hours of facilities.

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